Annapolis Shakespeare Company’s Blithe Spirit

Kay Kerimian as Elvira in Annapolis Shakespeare Company’s 2018 production of Blithe Spirit. Photo by Joshua McKerrow.

“Both [Fraser and] Kerimian are extraordinary performers, managing to delicately balance the banality of a woman in Coward’s era against their own ferocity and tenacity, which gives these females a vibrant and lively existence.

Kerimian is an extraordinarily spirited performer, filled with an otherworldly giddiness that is well suited for this type of ingénue role.

With three strong females dominating the production, and an impressive series of special effects, there’s no good reason to miss out on this production of one of Coward’s classics. Catch Blithe Spirit before it crosses back to other side at the end of February.”

– Theatre Bloom

Irish Classical Theatre Company’s The School for Husbands


Program Art by Michael Gelen.

“Irish Classical delights with ‘School for Husbands’ …

This is how you kick off a theater season. Irish Classical’s production casts a wonderful spell on us. Simplicity is key here, and it’s executed, on the whole, with wonderful care. Once the train got running it was a wild ride.

Who’s the boss? It’s Kerimian’s Isabelle who owns every square inch of her stage – and it is hers, make no mistake.

Kerimian pile-drives through every word, whether intimately detailing her Julietesque intentions to Valere, or channeling Julia Sugarbaker’s public mockery skills of Sganarelle and his ethos.

Kerimian is not a new face on local stages; she’s had leading and tiny roles on a variety of stages, and has proven herself a chameleon, visible to scale and serving her part.

This is a breakout performance, one she again pulls off in proper measure, but without unnecessary fanfare that Isabelle’s lines might entice with.

This is a class no one should skip.”

Buffalo News

Kay Kerimian (R) as Isabelle with Matt Nerber (L) as Valere & Christian Brandjes as Sganarelle. Photo: Gene Witkowski.


School for Husbands is well worth seeing …

All the cast demonstrated strong talent, especially the delicate and sharp Kerimian.

In one memorable scene, under the pretense of hugging Sganarelle, she reaches behind him where her love stands to catch her palms and melt her heart, collapsing on the stage in the arms of her confused and excited caretaker.”

NY Theatre Guide 


Included in Artvoice Theatre Highlights of 2013

MusicalFare Theatre’s Adrift in Macao

Kay Kerimian as Corinna with Steve Copps (L) as Mitch & Nick Lama. Photo: Chris Cavanagh.

“MusicalFare’s ‘Adrift in Macao’ is planted firmly in Durang country …

… This show is a tour de force of brilliant shtick … This cast has huge comedic chops.


Kay Kerimian’s Corinna is hysterical. She never disappoints when she enters the stage, and she keeps the audience guessing.

… Adrift in Macao is definitely the prescription you need if you want a good laugh.”

– NY Theatre Guide


“… The silly and witty, pun-laden and playful, spirited and energized Macao …

… A wild evening at the theatre … Excellent cast … High-voltage Kay Kerimian [as] the drugged-out Corinna …”

The Buffalo News


Artvoice Award Nominations: Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Musical 2014;
Outstanding Ensemble of a Musical 2014

Kay Kerimian as Mimi. Photo: Chris Cavanagh.

MusicalFare Theatre’s RENT

“Without You,” led by Kay Kerimian as the druggie drifter Mimi, is exquisite. Kerimian takes on Mimi’s desperate ballad with Lady Gagaesque rasp, clawing through her loneliness with vigor and torment. This is a highlight of musical, dramatic and technical strength.”

 – Buffalo News


Artvoice Award Nomination: Outstanding Ensemble of a Musical 2013

Kay Kerimian (R) as Twyla Chappement and Dave Mitchell (L) as Noah Chappement in Jon Elston's World Premiere 2012: End of the Road. Road Less Traveled Productions. PC: Mike Grantham.

Kay Kerimian (R) as Twyla & Dave Mitchell (L) as her dad, Noah. Photo: Mike Grantham.

Road Less Traveled Productions’

2012: End of the Road (World Premiere)

“I had great fun at 2012: End of the Road and the cast is uniformly excellent. The production features the able talents of … Kay Kerimian.”


“… cast gets an exhaustive workout, and it is stellar.”

Buffalo News

Artvoice Award Nomination: Emanuel Fried Award for New Play 2013

Kay Kerimian as Adriana. Photo: Chris Scinta.

Shakespeare in Delaware Park’s

The Comedy of Errors

“It’s a rollicking ‘Comedy of Errors’ at Shakespeare in Delaware Park … the cast is large and multitalented, led by veteran performers … the fiery Kay Kerimian.”

The Buffalo News

Kay Kerimian as Lady Anne. Photo:

Shakespeare in Delaware Park’s

Richard III

Richard III is devilishly well done … Worthy in soliloquy and among the throng … Kay Kerimian as Lady Anne.”

Buffalo News

Kay Kerimian (L) as Nerissa & Susan Drozd (R) as Portia. Photo: Lawrence Rowswell.

Shakespeare in Delaware Park’s

The Merchant of Venice

“… a wonderful, animated, and soulful production …

Supporting roles in the park are often truly secondary, in more ways than one. In this large cast, however, the second string is largely first rate.

Kay Kerimian as Nerissa, Portia’s friend and confidant, turns in a wonderful performance, more than holding her own in all her scenes.

Buffalo Rising

Buffalo Spree Magazine Spotlight


Theater Newcomers to Watch: Kay Kerimian


“It was hard to miss Kay Kerimian this past season – she was everywhere: Shakespeare in Delaware Park, Buffalo Laboratory Theatre, Road Less Traveled Productions, MusicalFare, and Kavinoky, plus film projects. Not bad for someone who says her first year of auditions here was slow!

Catch her on stage this year, and you’ll know why her “discovery” came quickly.”

Buffalo Spree Magazine

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