whys & wherefores

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there’s something about a deadline, that added pressure, that forces creative energy through you in ways you might not otherwise allow. with time, there is comfort and with comfort, there are only safe choices. we are not artists to be safe. we are here to tell stories.

the rain, party, & disaster society

now approaching our ninth issue, the staff of RPD have opened our hearts through our weekly tumblr artist spotlights.

for my feature, i set out to write something truthful. i didn’t know what it would be until the clock was ticking. in “click bait: in which i try to tell you something important, but all anyone wants is a good headline,” i delve into the muck. 

by baring ourselves in all our vulnerable glory we invite you, contributors, readers, & fans, to give us your guts. as always, our reading period is open until the 15th. you can find “click bait” HERE.


how often do we get in our own way as creatives? we simply say that we are incapable of things that we may have potential for, but we are too afraid or insecure or too comfortable right where we are to consider otherwise.

mf24h: musicalfare 24 hours

if you’d have told me i would be playing linda blair in the exorcist and the alien queen from aliens in an original musical, i would never have done it. but that’s the best thing about this kind of project: you have to say “yes” to anything. thank you, buffalo theatre community, for forcing me out of my own preconceived notions & congratulations to any & everyone able to do the same.

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