verse becomes your vice

tempest-2014after a two month journey of anticipation and expectation while understudying shakespeare theatre company’s production of the tempest – i went on!

as a creature of process, performing as an understudy is so unlike anything i have known – an exercise in stretching beyond my preconceived limits. no time to think while flying from fifty feet as a harpy or slithering through sand as a spirit, it was a beautiful production and i am proud to have been a part of it in my own small way.


terrifying and thrilling, i’m glad the preparation came in handy.

because the latest news is that i’m at it again, and this time, with rhyming verse: i am understudying the females of the metromaniacs, a world premiere translation and adaptation from david ives, the third play in his series of rediscovered french comedy masterpieces in conjunction with shakespeare theatre company.

stay tuned for more updates from dc.

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