18th Jan 2017

dc debut came early!

after four understudy contracts and nearly two and half years in dc, i am thrilled to announce that this spring, i will be making my full time on stage debut...

27th Oct 2016

hi-ho, the glamorous life!

Announcing upcoming gigs with The Washington Chorus and Constellation Theatre Company.

21st Jul 2014

double trouble

The latest project: Shakespeare's "The Comedy of Errors." See more for dates, times, and additional info.

18th Apr 2014

slathered in soy sauce

The latest project: Durang's "Adrift in Macao." See more for dates, times, & ticket info.

12th Mar 2014

adrift with projects

Between upcoming shows, a lit mag, a reading group, a collaborative art project, & voice over work, it's a wonder I get any sleep.

02nd Sep 2013

l’amour comique!

The latest project: Moliere's "The School for Husbands." See more for dates, times, & ticket info.