03rd Oct 2017

shear madness turns 30! kay got married! so many things!

hello! well, the end of my spring run in the day cast with shear came and went and now i’m back as barbara in the night cast for the 30th...

14th Apr 2017

double duty in dc: kay @ the kennedy center & the library of congress

Pulling double duty in DC with two of the most prestigious local and national institutions: The Kennedy Center & The Library of Congress.

18th Jan 2017

dc debut came early!

after four understudy contracts and nearly two and half years in dc, i am thrilled to announce that this spring, i will be making my full time on stage debut...

27th Oct 2016

hi-ho, the glamorous life!

Announcing upcoming gigs with The Washington Chorus and Constellation Theatre Company.

30th Jul 2016


so many things! since we last saw our heroine… new photos! please visit HERE to see what i look like with a blonde pixie cut!   odds would have it, i...

05th Jan 2016

another op’nin, another show

2015/16 updates & the latest project: returning to Shakespeare Theatre Company.

23rd Mar 2015

the metromaniacs, from page to stage!

On closing "The Metromaniacs" & performing as an understudy.

02nd Feb 2015

verse becomes your vice

The latest project: understudying at Shakespeare Theatre Company.

15th Dec 2014

what’s past is prologue

An Intro to DC: an optimistic quarterly update on changes, opportunity, & possibility.