shear madness turns 30! kay got married! so many things!

hello! well, the end of my spring run in the day cast with shear came and went and now i’m back as barbara in the night cast for the 30th anniversary of shear madness playing at the kennedy center. we’ve been running since august 29th, and will be on eight times a week through thanksgiving weekend.

to purchase your ticket, please click HERE.

between spring and fall contracts, i’ve been recording a handful of audiobooks for the library of congress! if you are eligible through the national library services for the blind and physically handicapped, you can visit your local library and listen to me read to you for free. here are some of the titles i’ve worked on so far:

as a bibliophile and avid reader, it’s a blessing to be able to sit in a booth and read all day. with more books and magazines always in the works, i’ll post again as more titles are in the bank.

and finally, yup, that’s right, folks. i done got hitched. it was everything we wanted it to be: personal, specific to us and our values, and absolutely beautiful. to read more about the details of our day, please click HERE. but we all know what you’re looking’ for. here’s a peek at our photos (by tom eberhardt-smith). enjoy!

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