other people’s stories

as an actor, i feel limited by the definition of my trade. being an actor means only being able to create when i have a script & a director & an ensemble. once i strip myself of a self-imposed noun, i am able to create my own content & function as my own artist. however, i am struggling with what that might mean. so i created other people’s stories to help me help others with this same struggle.

other people's stories

started in the summer of 2014, other people’s stories was born out of the desire to collaborate on & create work for artists who struggle with the limitations of their chosen field – to give the community of makers, givers, & takers a way to foster the imagination & creative spirit without deadlines – to discover inventive storytelling & fascinating people through sharing more than just a highlight reel, a polished production, or final draft.

through each installment, we take an intimate look at one artist’s perspective of process, product, & what it means to be an artist working in a contemporary landscape. by using different mediums to push these artists out of their comfort zone, we not only examine the inner-workings of what it means to be an actor, a writer, an illustrator, a musician, etc., but how these labels affect us & how much more we are able to contribute to the world when we strip ourselves of expectation.

inspired by & for creatives who paved the way for themselves as well as artists who support other artists.

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stay tuned for the first installment!

email: interviewswithartists@gmail.com
tumblr: otherpeopleandtheirstories
twitter: @OPstories

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