the entertainment of confusion

it’s a rollicking ‘comedy of errors’ at shakespeare in delaware park!

courtesy of sdp audience member, terrie pegan johnson.

courtesy of sdp audience member, terrie pegan johnson.

“The cast is large and multitalented,

led by veteran performers Greg Gjurich, Lisa Ludwig,

and the fiery Kay Kerimian.”

-Ted Hadley, The Buffalo News

(read the full review HERE)

& see more photos HERE.

and there’s only one week left to catch this wild & crazy production, filled with additional absurdities such as monkey wrench swords, tap dancing conjurers, and a kazoo orchestra – so don’t miss it! six more chances! free, free, free!

double trouble

the comedy of errors opens this thursday! in anticipation, here’s an excerpt from my recent interview with SDP:
there’s no better compliment than an audience member telling you that they understood shakespeare for the first time after a performance in the park. shakespeare in delaware park was my first gig in town when i arrived here just over three years ago, ushering me into the buffalo theatre community. returning to the park for my final production in town makes for a bittersweet, yet appropriate farewell.
like shakespeare in delaware park on facebook & read the rest of the interview HERE. see you on the hill!


the comedy of errors10390238_10152243159308842_8599919931660517848_n
by william shakespeare

july 24th – august 17th
tuesdays through sundays
all shows @ 7:30pm
all shows free!

shakespeare in delaware park

for production bios, directions, press releases, & more, click HERE.

whys & wherefores

Screen shot 2014-07-06 at 12.37.55 AM

there’s something about a deadline, that added pressure, that forces creative energy through you in ways you might not otherwise allow. with time, there is comfort and with comfort, there are only safe choices. we are not artists to be safe. we are here to tell stories.

the rain, party, & disaster society

now approaching our ninth issue, the staff of RPD have opened our hearts through our weekly tumblr artist spotlights.

for my feature, i set out to write something truthful. i didn’t know what it would be until the clock was ticking. in “click bait: in which i try to tell you something important, but all anyone wants is a good headline,” i delve into the muck. 

by baring ourselves in all our vulnerable glory we invite you, contributors, readers, & fans, to give us your guts. as always, our reading period is open until the 15th. you can find “click bait” HERE.


how often do we get in our own way as creatives? we simply say that we are incapable of things that we may have potential for, but we are too afraid or insecure or too comfortable right where we are to consider otherwise.

mf24h: musicalfare 24 hours

if you’d have told me i would be playing linda blair in the exorcist and the alien queen from aliens in an original musical, i would never have done it. but that’s the best thing about this kind of project: you have to say “yes” to anything. thank you, buffalo theatre community, for forcing me out of my own preconceived notions & congratulations to any & everyone able to do the same.

limited time only

two special events – with expiration dates!


i am terrified to announce i will be participating for my first time in the third annual MF24H: musicalfare 24 hours! starting tonight, teams of writers, directors, & composers will begin with an idea & by tomorrow morning will have created three mini-musicals. with only one day of rehearsal, i’ll be on stage tomorrow night with a handful of buffalo’s finest performing god knows what. get your tickets HERE while you can! & send positive energy. & drugs. lots of em.



recently, i had the opportunity to work my chops as i helped out some up-&-coming filmmakers with a promo for ‘amigone,’ which you can view at the multimedia page.

“in a world where everyone knows the day of their death, a man with 40 days left spends a weekend reconnecting with his father.”

with only 17 days left in this kickstarter campaign, click HERE to help fund this upcoming short film!


this is what it’s all about: collaboration. building a community out of strangers through crowd-funding and online resources. showcasing the talent, creativity, & energy of local theatre artists with a unique opportunity. here’s to projects that epitomize contemporary innovation, drive the imagination, & celebrate storytelling.

busy, busy, busy

busy, busy, busy is what we bokononists whisper whenever we think of how complicated and unpredictable the machinery of life really is.” – kurt vonnegut, cat’s cradle

it’s a bittersweet time in buffalo.

after nine weeks together, the cast of adrift in macao received the outstanding ensemble of a musical artvoice theatre award nomination as our closing gift. & after three years in town, i received the honor of an outstanding supporting actress in a musical nomination, a sort of cherry on top to my buffalo experience.


when i arrived here, it was almost as a passing visitor. i could not have anticipated what opportunity was in store for me; not only have i been fortunate enough to do what i love and to improve with every step of the journey, but i have had the privilege of meeting and working with some phenomenal people. (& i am so lucky to have wound up in buffalo, to have found you, jonathan shuey.) & soon, we “go to seek a great perhaps.”

til then, stay tuned for the last of the queen city updates. it’s all happening!

durang country craziness

musicalfare’s ‘adrift in macao’ is planted firmly in durang country!

after four weeks of rehearsals with four previews, opening night went off with a bang to a full, appreciative house teaming with laughter. seven performances later, we’ve been fortunate enough to receive two glowing reviews of this tongue in cheek production:

“… the silly and witty, pun-laden and playful, spirited and energized “Macao” …

… a wild evening at the theatre …

excellent cast

high-voltage Kay Kerimian [as] the drugged-out Corinna …”

-Ted Hadley, The Buffalo News

(read the full review HERE)

“… Adrift in Macao is definitely the prescription you need if you want a good laugh

… this show is a tour de force of brilliant shtick …

Kay Kerimian’s Corinna is hysterical. The beautiful overacting and the need to ‘ham it up’ really holds true to the silly character she plays. She never disappoints when she enters the stage, and she keeps the audience guessing.”

-John Szablewski, NY Theatre Guide

(read the full review HERE)

with four more performances left this weekend, followed by three more weeks, you’ll want to get your tickets (HERE) before they disappear.

corinna: excuse me, i’m happy to say my “pancake mix” has just arrived. see you a bit later. (exit)

slathered in soy sauce

photo credit: chris cavanagh

photo credit: chris cavanagh

if you aren’t familiar with adrift in macao, a musical comedy parody of film noir by christopher durang, then boy, are you in for a treat. think “casablanca” meets mel brooks … and then some. opening next wednesday, i’ll be featured as corinna, a night club singer stranded in macao, china in 1952 with a penchant for … “pancake mix.” if you’re in the area in the next six weeks, you won’t want to miss this. find the buffalo news preview HERE.

adrift in macao adriftinmacao
by christopher durang & peter melnick


april 23rd – may 25th
wednesdays & thursdays @ 7pm
fridays & saturdays @ 8pm
saturdays @ 4pm
sundays @ 2pm

@ musicalfare theatre


buy your tickets HERE.

adrift with projects

(drum roll, please)

kay kerimian


the PROJECTS tab


recent & upcoming theatre & film gigs

(including dates, times, links, & then some)


lit mag: the rain, party, & disaster society

group: buffalo theatre collective

collaborative art: hands

after appearing as the druggie drifter club dancer mimi in rent on stage last year, in a few short weeks, i will return to musicalfare to begin rehearsals for adrift in macao, in which i play a night club singer with an opium problem. visit the newly added projects page for more information. i’m starting to think i’m being type cast …

if you pop over to multimedia, you’ll find my 2013 voice over demo reel. as i continue classes with the voice actor workshop, i am not only building my 2014 reel, but i’ve begun auditioning for v-o work – so keep an ear out.

&, to keep things entertaining, here is ukulele sessions, or evolution of hairstyles:

thanks for stopping by & be sure to come back for updates for adrift in macao, voice over work, future casting, the rain, party, & disaster society, & more.

the failed first twitter poetry dates must go on

february: i wrote things & people actually published them. i made a web appearance. i mastered the art of including as many links as possible in a single post.

the bitchin’ kitsch, an online art & lit zine, published my piece “twitter poetry.” you can find it in their february issue. follow them on twitter & be sure to tweet your best 140 character poetry to the rain, party, & disaster society.

additionally, in this month’s issue of buffalo spree magazine, playwright donna hoke lovingly collects anecdotes from actors on the mishaps & mayhem of an unpredictable life in the theatre in “the show must go on.” as one of ten contributors, my embarrassing excerpt is called “zero calorie meal.”


i guest starred as one of the unlucky ladies in the new & hilarious web series failed first dates in their latest episode “tag.” quick, fun, & chock full of nerdy references, spend less than seven minutes wishing laser tag was an olympic sport.

like what you see? maybe a little bit confused? check out the whole thing, start to finish, in just under an hour [& stay tuned for the valentine’s day two part series finale].


artvoice featured this buffalo-based new media project that i got to be a part of in their valentine’s issue as one of their front page stories. way to go, nd studios.

and with three weeks left of february, i’m going to go nap.

xx / kk

photos, audio, & more

new additions to the site!



-if you head over to the headshots/portraits tab, you’ll find my most recent photo shoot with sj. bridgeman photography. i had a blast working with her & the results are stunning. you can check out more of her work HERE.

-go to the tab formerly known as video (now multimedia), & right at the top will be the newly added audio selection of my rendition of “the lady is a tramp” from “babes in arms.” i’m currently working on some new songs in my voice lessons with a recital in the works; hoping to add more audio to the site soon.

-the new art & lit mag the rain, party, & disaster society is live! we debuted our inaugural issue, just closed our reading period for the next issue, & our facebook page has almost 200 likes (help some self-starters out, wouldja?). in addition to editing fiction, i also curate RPD’s tumblr, which you can follow HERE.

keeping my options open & going full steam ahead.