shear madness turns 30! kay got married! so many things!

hello! well, the end of my spring run in the day cast with shear came and went and now i’m back as barbara in the night cast for the 30th anniversary of shear madness playing at the kennedy center. we’ve been running since august 29th, and will be on eight times a week through thanksgiving weekend.

to purchase your ticket, please click HERE.

between spring and fall contracts, i’ve been recording a handful of audiobooks for the library of congress! if you are eligible through the national library services for the blind and physically handicapped, you can visit your local library and listen to me read to you for free. here are some of the titles i’ve worked on so far:

as a bibliophile and avid reader, it’s a blessing to be able to sit in a booth and read all day. with more books and magazines always in the works, i’ll post again as more titles are in the bank.

and finally, yup, that’s right, folks. i done got hitched. it was everything we wanted it to be: personal, specific to us and our values, and absolutely beautiful. to read more about the details of our day, please click HERE. but we all know what you’re looking’ for. here’s a peek at our photos (by tom eberhardt-smith). enjoy!

double duty in dc: kay @ the kennedy center & the library of congress

Come see Shear Madness at the Kennedy Center
Mondays @ 8pm
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays @ 5pm
until June, 8th, 2017!

We had our February open, survived the first few audiences of our audience participation show, and now, the newest company members of Shear Madness at the Kennedy Center have extended from our limited March run all the way through June! You can get your tickets HERE.

With more than 30 performances as Barbara DeMarco under my belt now, I’ve heard my fair share of oddball antics from the crowd, but enjoy this fun little interview:

For more Shear Madness promos & behind-the-scenes social media fun, check out my Instagram account [@kaykerimian].

In other super exciting news, I have joined the ranks at The National Library Services for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS), Library of Congress as their newest Audiobook Narrator. In my month recording with Potomac Talking Book Services, Inc. so far, I have narrated National Geographic, The Oprah Magazine, Wired, Good Housekeeping, and Discover Magazine. As an advocate for the disabled and an avid reader, I am honored to contribute my part for literacy and accessibility. And without getting super nerdy, voice-over work was truly my first dream; as a little kid consumed by the world of Disney, all I wanted to do was provide voices for cartoons when I grew up. As this is just the beginning of a new adventure, I look forward to recording future titles across fiction and nonfiction. And who knows? Maybe I’ll find my voice in other kinds of audio work as well.

Til next overdue update! xx

dc debut came early!

after four understudy contracts and nearly two and half years in dc, i am thrilled to announce that this spring, i will be making my full time on stage debut in the cast of shear madness at the kennedy center!


a long running tradition (26 years and over 12,000 performances), shear madness seems to be the perfect opportunity to make my official dc debut. i will be playing barbara demarco in the second longest play in the history of american theatre (boston’s production being number one).

i will be performing the following dates & times:

2/28/17 @ 8pm
3/1/17 @ 8pm
3/2/17 @ 8pm
3/3/17 @ 8pm
3/4/17 @ 6pm & 9pm
3/5/17 @ 3pm & 7pm

3/6/17 @ 8pm
3/7/17 @ 5pm
3/8/17 @ 5pm
3/9/17 @ 5pm

3/13/17 @ 8pm
3/14/17 @ 5pm
3/15/17 @ 5pm
3/16/17 @ 5pm

3/20/17 @ 8pm
3/21/17 @ 5pm
3/22/17 @ 5pm
3/23/17 @5pm

for tickets and more information, please visit the kennedy center’s website HERE. can’t wait to see you there!

hi-ho, the glamorous life!

welcome back to a freshly updated site!

take a tour and stay a while: there are some new goodies on every page. you can find info regarding upcoming performances on the fully loaded WORK page.

which leads me to a very exciting announcement …

after several local understudy gigs, this girl’s ready to be back in action full-time. i will be making my official washington, dc debut with constellation theatre company!  this spring, i will be performing multiple roles in mary zimmerman’s ensemble piece the arabian nights. stay tuned for more info!

additionally, for the first time in ten years, i am working my choral chops with the washington chorus! it’s good to be singing again. maybe there will even be a cabaret appearance by the end of the year. keep your eyes and ears open.

that’s all for now. ’til next time, here’s a gem from our recent engagement session. what do we think, acceptable save-the-date?


eberhardt-smith photography

all good things. xx


so many things! since we last saw our heroine…

  • new photos! please visit HERE to see what i look like with a blonde pixie cut!


  • odds would have it, i did not perform while understudying the critic & the real inspector hound. but i did book another understudy gig with shakespeare theatre company …


  • othello! alas, i did not go on during this production either. however, while working on this gig, i met a fellow actor who introduced me to a new home in dc.



  • from april to july, i happily found myself at the kennedy center. between workshops and readings, i have been getting my hands dirty doing the best kind of work.


  • up next, i’ll be back in the class room, returning to my musical theatre roots at studio theatre’s acting conservatory.


  • and if you wanna keep tabs on me between sporadic posts, please visit HERE to see the latest. while more is in the works, as always, stay tuned. all good things.

another op’nin, another show

hello, internet! a lot has happened and a lot more is still to come. a brief update:


i’ve continued my studies with dody disanto at the center for movement theatre. it always a pleasure to work with her, to learn about myself, and to discover new ways to explore. if you are in the dc-metro area, i highly, highly recommend taking one of her classes.



on a more personal note: between gigs, i spent my 2015 traveling cross-country. i am thrilled to announce i am back in washington, dc & i am now engaged! (i told you a lot has happened.) i also chopped off my hair & dyed it blonde. in other words, new head shots to follow.

critichoundand finally, i have returned to shakespeare theatre company to understudy the females in their joint production of richard brinsley sheridan’s the critic – adapted by jeffrey hatcher – and tom stoppard’s the real inspector hound, two madcap behind-the-scenes comedies in one night. happy to be working my way towards union status while testing the limit in what could be called a sort of theatre olympics, i consider it a great privilege to witness the work of michael kahn and the artist’s of this company from process to production. for more information, please visit the stc website. we shall see if this show yields the same performance probability as my last two opportunities – stay tuned!

the past year has been nothing short of adventurous, from my debut on the harman stage to collaborating with over twenty artists on other people’s stories to deciding to marry the love of my life. if 2015 is any indication of things to come, i believe there is much more adventure in store.
all good things & cheers to a happy new year.

the metromaniacs, from page to stage!

“the metromaniacs has extended!
to meet demand its schedule was amended.”

CAdT66eWsAABJzv.jpg-largean understudy’s work is with the page, but with this recent news, i’ll go on stage!

learning i would perform the role of lucille – the metromaniac herself – in david ives’s premiere production with shakespeare theatre company made those months spent muttering to myself on the metro worth it. from drilling scenes in a put-in rehearsal by day to being whisked from wig to wig back stage by night, i found myself at a loss for a proper parallel – there is simply nothing like it.


teetering between trepidation and exhilaration, i was so lucky to be in such a joyful environment while finding my sense of play. my 24 hour opening & closing in three performances couldn’t have gone better, thanks to the tremendously supportive company. what a way to say goodbye.

verse becomes your vice

tempest-2014after a two month journey of anticipation and expectation while understudying shakespeare theatre company’s production of the tempest – i went on!

as a creature of process, performing as an understudy is so unlike anything i have known – an exercise in stretching beyond my preconceived limits. no time to think while flying from fifty feet as a harpy or slithering through sand as a spirit, it was a beautiful production and i am proud to have been a part of it in my own small way.


terrifying and thrilling, i’m glad the preparation came in handy.

because the latest news is that i’m at it again, and this time, with rhyming verse: i am understudying the females of the metromaniacs, a world premiere translation and adaptation from david ives, the third play in his series of rediscovered french comedy masterpieces in conjunction with shakespeare theatre company.

stay tuned for more updates from dc.

what’s past is prologue


after three and a half years, i left buffalo, ny with a full heart (and an even fuller car) and moved to washington, dc. between finding a place to live and finding my center of gravity, i am humbled to share what i have been up to the past few months:

since september, i have been studying neutral mask at the center for movement theatre with dody disanto, i published a personal travel essay, i have been developing an original immersive storytelling project, and, most recently, i have been understudying for shakespeare theatre company’s current production of the tempest! two quotes come to mind:

I chose, and my world was shaken–so what?
The choice may have been mistaken
but choosing was not.
You have to move on.”

― Stephen Sondheim, Sunday in the Park with George

“You have learnt something. That always feels at first as if you have lost something.”

― George Bernard Shaw, Major Barbara

my contribution as an artist becomes clearer every day that i am subject to greater potential – through learning opportunities, through development possibilities, and through simply trusting my instincts.

who knows where this road may lead. will send postcards. xx


other people’s stories

as an actor, i feel limited by the definition of my trade. being an actor means only being able to create when i have a script & a director & an ensemble. once i strip myself of a self-imposed noun, i am able to create my own content & function as my own artist. however, i am struggling with what that might mean. so i created other people’s stories to help me help others with this same struggle.

other people's stories

started in the summer of 2014, other people’s stories was born out of the desire to collaborate on & create work for artists who struggle with the limitations of their chosen field – to give the community of makers, givers, & takers a way to foster the imagination & creative spirit without deadlines – to discover inventive storytelling & fascinating people through sharing more than just a highlight reel, a polished production, or final draft.

through each installment, we take an intimate look at one artist’s perspective of process, product, & what it means to be an artist working in a contemporary landscape. by using different mediums to push these artists out of their comfort zone, we not only examine the inner-workings of what it means to be an actor, a writer, an illustrator, a musician, etc., but how these labels affect us & how much more we are able to contribute to the world when we strip ourselves of expectation.

inspired by & for creatives who paved the way for themselves as well as artists who support other artists.

website coming soon!
stay tuned for the first installment!

tumblr: otherpeopleandtheirstories
twitter: @OPstories