mission statement

to be in the present moment with myself, connecting breath with thought and mind with body.
to be in the present moment with fellow artists, collaborating to be part of a whole.
to be in the present moment with the audience, sharing what it means to be human.

to continually build an understanding of my craft, myself, and my community.
to continually grow and improve and play and learn and forever be a student of the world.
the theatre is my classroom. the theatre is my church. the theatre is my home.

to facilitate the power and joy that truthful, honest representation in storytelling can bring;
to transmit experiences through art that allows others to feel seen.
to encourage artful living in every person who comes openly to the theatre.

to relish in the sacred experience of a living (and dying) art;
the ephemeral nature of live performance forces me to reframe the narrative of perfectionism into one more suited to making something, giving it away, and allowing the imperfect humanness of that art to speak for itself.
process over product, progress not perfection.

-kay kerimian

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