limited time only

two special events – with expiration dates!


i am terrified to announce i will be participating for my first time in the third annual MF24H: musicalfare 24 hours! starting tonight, teams of writers, directors, & composers will begin with an idea & by tomorrow morning will have created three mini-musicals. with only one day of rehearsal, i’ll be on stage tomorrow night with a handful of buffalo’s finest performing god knows what. get your tickets HERE while you can! & send positive energy. & drugs. lots of em.



recently, i had the opportunity to work my chops as i helped out some up-&-coming filmmakers with a promo for ‘amigone,’ which you can view at the multimedia page.

“in a world where everyone knows the day of their death, a man with 40 days left spends a weekend reconnecting with his father.”

with only 17 days left in this kickstarter campaign, click HERE to help fund this upcoming short film!


this is what it’s all about: collaboration. building a community out of strangers through crowd-funding and online resources. showcasing the talent, creativity, & energy of local theatre artists with a unique opportunity. here’s to projects that epitomize contemporary innovation, drive the imagination, & celebrate storytelling.

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