hi-ho, the glamorous life!

welcome back to a freshly updated site!

take a tour and stay a while: there are some new goodies on every page. you can find info regarding upcoming performances on the fully loaded WORK page.

which leads me to a very exciting announcement …

after several local understudy gigs, this girl’s ready to be back in action full-time. i will be making my official washington, dc debut with constellation theatre company!  this spring, i will be performing multiple roles in mary zimmerman’s ensemble piece the arabian nights. stay tuned for more info!

additionally, for the first time in ten years, i am working my choral chops with the washington chorus! it’s good to be singing again. maybe there will even be a cabaret appearance by the end of the year. keep your eyes and ears open.

that’s all for now. ’til next time, here’s a gem from our recent engagement session. what do we think, acceptable save-the-date?


eberhardt-smith photography

all good things. xx

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