another op’nin, another show

hello, internet! a lot has happened and a lot more is still to come. a brief update:


i’ve continued my studies with dody disanto at the center for movement theatre. it always a pleasure to work with her, to learn about myself, and to discover new ways to explore. if you are in the dc-metro area, i highly, highly recommend taking one of her classes.



on a more personal note: between gigs, i spent my 2015 traveling cross-country. i am thrilled to announce i am back in washington, dc & i am now engaged! (i told you a lot has happened.) i also chopped off my hair & dyed it blonde. in other words, new head shots to follow.

critichoundand finally, i have returned to shakespeare theatre company to understudy the females in their joint production of richard brinsley sheridan’s the critic – adapted by jeffrey hatcher – and tom stoppard’s the real inspector hound, two madcap behind-the-scenes comedies in one night. happy to be working my way towards union status while testing the limit in what could be called a sort of theatre olympics, i consider it a great privilege to witness the work of michael kahn and the artist’s of this company from process to production. for more information, please visit the stc website. we shall see if this show yields the same performance probability as my last two opportunities – stay tuned!

the past year has been nothing short of adventurous, from my debut on the harman stage to collaborating with over twenty artists on other people’s stories to deciding to marry the love of my life. if 2015 is any indication of things to come, i believe there is much more adventure in store.
all good things & cheers to a happy new year.

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